Wednesday, December 5

Just One More Day

Hasn't everyone felt like that at sometime in their life? Wishing they had just one more day to be on vacation, spend with a loved one, gather info off their computer...
Yep, my computer died. Maybe it gave me warnings with the messages I was getting when I would sign off but I didn't realize it was telling me goodbye. It just died last week in the middle of my work. I got a message from it in computer lingo basically saying "you're screwed".
I took it to 3D Computers in Jaco for Armando to check it out. Armando knows my Dell since he brought it back to life once before. I knew the diagnosis this time wasn't going to be good so I waited a few days to check back, giving myself time to prepare for the worse. I wasn't prepared. When he told me it was fatal and I needed a NEW computer, I got that gut-wrenching feeling, like a member of my family had died. How can one become so attached to something like a computer?
Photo of Armando and Veronica at 3-D Computers in Jaco.

I have my laptop to fall back on but even it is ill. It screams at me beep, beep, beep, beep whenever I turn it on. Armando said the keyboard has a short and needs replacing. Not something he can get here in CR. I can still use it but it skips around like crazy making it a real challenge to use.
Costa Rica is hard on electronics with all these power outages and surges. It's not so easy to fix simple problems here either.

Just one more day and I'll have my desktop computer (new) back on-line and maybe things will get back to normal instead of me moping around, feeling like I lost my best friend. The solution - an external harddrive, a friend for life.

The one saving grace was a egg nog recipe I got off (Thanks Marta). I made some on the night I got the news about my computer and it helped to soothe things over. I even got my tree decorated while drinking it and watching the "My Grammy's Awards". I don't drink usually but BOY HOWDY, that egg nog sure is good and SWEET!!. I plan to whip up some for gifts this year and put in my stained glass bottles.

"Creme de Vie" - Cream of Life


La Gringa said...

Oh, I feel your pain!

Working on my 6 1/2 year computer, I am inspired to do some backups now...

Jennifer said...

I'm so, soo sorry for you loss. I feel your pain. We lost a kareoke machine, television, computer speakers and God knows what else in a power surge last month so I can relate to the loss of stuff. Loss of a computer is much, much bigger. It is family, friend & confidant not just a machine.

Now about those bottles you're putting the eggnog in, do tell more.

Jennifer said...

P.S. You've been missed!

Anonymous said...

It IS a real drag... but a new computer is SOOOOOOO fun!!! And can't you buy any old keyboard from office depot? We buy new keyboards and mice all the time. You can actually get them pretty cheap here...

Peggy said...

I missed your blogs! I have had all types of technical problems too, including the complete crash of my computer - did you read my November 15 blogpost and back your computer up immediately?

Yes - external hard drives are the way to go!

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks all for your condolences. I do know better because I have lost everything once before on this same computer. It's (was) seven years old.
It's nice to start fresh and I have saved my photos on cd's. It's all the links I lost and special file set-ups.
I'm such a hoarder, it's a good way to purge.
My motto: Change or Be Changed.
Guess I waited until I was changed. I will be more deligent about saving the stuff I want to keep.
Thanks for the tip Sally about Office Depot. I'll have to check that out. Right now, my friend Beth in the States is looking for me.
The NEW computer is a MAMMOTH. I can't believe how fricking big it is. Oh well, I'll get used to it!!

BreeWee said...

oh boy, after this blog I think you talked me into a new computer. I use my husbands and have been feeling the pressure to get my own, maybe a laptop...
Glad you got your computer... I know you need it to keep in touch :)
Happy Holidays!

TICA MACHA said...

I'm not much of a stock trader but I do depend on my computer to see how bad I'm fairing lately. And I make little trades here and there. It's essential for finding out stuff I want to know.
Doubt I could live here without internet connection.

Blog Bloke said...

Sorry I wasn't there for you during your computer crash. Send me an email and I will give you my personal phone number to call if it happens again.

Just a suggestion:

1. Always have a second hard drive installed to back up your data. It doesn't have to be external (internals are much cheaper too).

2. Invest in a good surge protector.



TICA MACHA (aka Teri) said...

I have the best surge protector Costa Rican money can buy. I also have all the outlets grounded in my house and a voltage regulator at the meter outside.
Bloke, you are very sweet to offer your number but considering how much it cost to call long distance, I could probably buy a new computer. I don't have Skype.
Thanks for your input. Teri