Thursday, December 6

The Process

I don't know about you, but I love to see other artist's workstations. You know, where stuff is created. I love arts and crafts and there's not one you could mention that I haven't tried or want to try. Now, I'm on a bottle painting kick. I made Marta's Cuban Egg Nog last week and was hooked immediately. Good stuff. Creamy, liquid sugar with a good helping of Ron Centenario Blanco rum. I want to make it for others and thought I'd use my bottle collection to present it.

I'm a confessed hoarder and I've been saving these bottles, waiting for a perfect project. Since I'll be making the concoction here, I'm calling it Costarrican Egg Nog - I'll be using Costa Rica rum (maybe the coconut kind, too). (I don't think Costarrican is spelled like that but that's how the people here spell it and say it. Like the town Santa Ana, they say "Santana". Go figure)

The basic fire design I'm painting is pretty much mindless and I enjoy that. I could have gone with a Christmas theme but I'm hoping they will save the bottles and stash their own "liquid delight" in them. Or use them for candle holders....??

The tree is decorated and the bad lights are out in the trash. That was a hard one for a hoarder. I always thought I could fix them. Then, I saw a Christmas tree go up in flames on t.v. AND I noticed they had tags that said "made in China". I'm still trying to boycott China. The list of bad products from China just keeps growing.

Did I mention I got my new computer tower? It's a mammoth. HUGE. I can't figure out why with all the new technology but I didn't pick it out. I told 3-D Computers I needed one and they delivered. Kinda like adopting a baby. I took whatever they got me and happy to have it. I've been afraid to even plug it in. I know once I start loading all my stuff back on it, I won't be glass painting.

'Tis the season .... to have fun.


Jennifer said...

LOVE the bottles! That's a craft I've wanted to try along with glass etching that I haven't gotten around to yet. There's plenty of time. AND I agree, when hooked on the puter it's hard to focus on crafting. Sometimes the electrical mishaps are a blessing.

TICA MACHA said...

I'm sort of stuck with yellow and red paint cause the others dried up.
Has anyone seen them sold anywhere?
The stuff is caled "Vitrail" and it's made by Lefranc & Bourgeois.
You can't get stuff like that here in Jaco.