Thursday, December 13

"Tis the Season..." (rewritten)

to pay, pay, pay. If you live here, you probably know that taxes are due on your car. It's called Marchamo. If you don't pay and put the sticker on your car, well, you'll have problems next year. There's a little grace period and then the Transito (car police) have check points with a tow truck for those that haven't paid. The amount of this tax is dependent on what type of car you have. I have a 1995 SUV and my payment is about $220. This payment also provides minimum insurance on damage you might do with your car. Truly, I have no idea what the tax is for but it's due before the end of the year.

It's time to pay the "Aguinaldo", the thirteenth month, to your employees. It all has to do with how long they've worked as to how much they are paid this "bonus" at the beginning of December. I'm grateful I don't have this payment, it's a big one for long time employees. It's one of the reasons I haven't created "work" (aka income) here. The system is set up that I can't work but I can hire employees and profit from their efforts... maybe or maybe not. I've seen many businesses come and go in Jaco. The mandatory payments for employees are very costly. They all know what their due is and you will too when you have workers. I learned and unless you have a dynamite business, excellent employees AND Staying Power (you can float during rainy season), it's hardly worth it.

Property taxes are due, also. They are due in January for 2008. It's a 'nominal' tax, so far. Nothing like the taxes I was paying in Naples, FL. I think I paid more in taxes last year for my car than for my house. There's some "big talk" about property taxes increasing, DRAMATICALLY (from $300 now, to $6,000 in the future). If that's the case, I'll be blogging from Florida.

Garbage pick-up is also due if you pay by the year, paid in January.
That's about it, I think...? Oh, one more, your post office box rental. If not paid by the Jan. 30th, there is a 50% late fee.
Not having an income keeps things simple. Poor, but simple. Pura Vida.

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