Monday, December 10

For readers in Costa Rica

Not to give you a blow by blow detail of my day but I did go to town to pay my car insurance. I went to the bank (Banco National) and the snake line practically reached the door. I left and went back, still the same long line (same snake formation). Frustrated and really not wanting to pay for car insurance since it's not mandatory in CR, I did some other stuff and returned home. There's a five day grace period anyway.

As soon as I walked in, the phone rang and it was the insurance company reminding me my premium was due today. I had inquired last week about reducing my coverage so my premium wouldn't be so high but it was by email and I never heard back from anyone. It's an old car and I've heard it's rough getting money out of insurance to pay for damages. I asked again and come to find out, it is WAY cheaper not having coverage on my vehicle, just coverage for everything else. It went from c80,823 every three months ($160.) to c29,766 ($60) every six months! PLUS, they gave me "THE TICA MACHA 30% discount". That's what she called it. I don't know why, maybe because I've never reported an accident in all these years (and my car is in Tica Macha's name). I didn't question it.

I say all this to say, ASK AND YOU MAY RECEIVE. People don't willingly give out info here, you have to ask the right questions. As far as I know, there are many agents but only one insurance company in Costa Rica - INS.
I got it all done in less than 15 minutes by e-mail, fax and phone and yes, credit card.
"Now, THAT was easy." (from the Staples commercial)


Jen said...

Amazing the different rates for car insurance! We asked the right questions this year and cut our costs by two thirds. We aren't ready to give it up just yet but in the future, who knows? Marcharmo, done! We pay at BCR, piece of cake, shorter lines. Property week, maybe?

Anonymous said...

We don't have any insurance on our car. It's in a corporation name with no other assets. I have no idea if this is really the smartest thing, but this is The Method we latched onto...

Of course, my mom just drove out...

Tica Macha said...

My dad always said "Poor people can't afford NOT to have insurance". I had my car insured for it's value and that's over-insurance! I heard where a girl totalled her car and it took INS two years to pay. By that time, I would have another one and truly, my car isn't worth what it was insured. I figure I can fix any dents or bruises myself. I'm worried about the other uninsured guy sueing me if it was my fault (or not). I'm the foreigner here.
I will say Sally, that it's not worth the consequences not to have just the basic coverage. About the cost of a family dinner outing.
Besides, comparing to insurance premiums in FL, it's a bargain!

I did get in an accident pulling out of my drive onto the highway. Having good insurance helped. It was my fault because I crossed the double yellow line but I contested and the whole thing was dropped and my record was expunged. Just a lot of attorney fees but he wasn't that expensive. The other guy was going WAY too fast and of course I had photos of the skid marks on the road. It also worked against me because the Judge saw clearly I crossed over the double yellow line.
They all speak Spanish. I felt helpless.

Paying year end fees is like taking off a bandaid, I like to do it all at one time and get it over with.

wolfie_cr said...

car insurance is cheap from what I have seen comparing to the US insurance is ok I think

now life insurance.......that IS a rip off, for what I pay here for a modest 75k USD life insurance I could afford something like half a million in the US (they dont care that I dont smoke and lucky me they dont care how much I drink )

and yeah, its a bit upsetting that this @$@#$!! of INS have a hard time TAKING my money, you get a hint of how it is to get some of that back