Tuesday, February 26

Blog a Blog

When you're busy living it, it's hard to find the time to blog about it.
Here's Peggy's blog on her recent trip to Costa Rica to visit me.
Click here - http://naplesportraits.blogspot.com/2008/02/costa-rica.html
Great Fun!!
I have others visiting now and today we go on the crocodile tour!
Hope to get some killer shots of the guy feeding chickens to the crocs.

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Nicole said...

I have no real memory of how I discovered your blog in the first place, but I want you to know that I return faithfully and enjoy reading it. Your photos are breathtaking and your days are so terribly unlike mine-- mine are great, but I dont have beautiful tropical birds nesting in my neighborhood.:)

Anyway, kudos to you, I admire your choice to live in Costa Rica, and for giving me a glimpse of what it might be like.


Markitos said...

I second that!! You have a cool set up there. M.

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks, I needed that.