Sunday, February 10

Sunset Sunday

After awhile, they all look the same, just different each day. A daily miracle.
The guy on the rocks is fishing. Not with a rod and reel but a fishing line and a spool.
Photos from April 2003.


Blog Bloke said...


I can just see me on the beach right now (with my laptop ;-).

Thanks so much Teri! I really needed that.

Blog Bloke said...

By the way, did I mention that sunsets are my very favourite thing in the world.


Gidget said...

Your photography is amazing. Please let us know what type of camera you are using please. And how long have you been studying? Nice sunsets............

TICA MACHA said...

Yes Bloke, I remember. Everytime I post a sunset, I think of you. Teri

TICA MACHA said...

Gidget, those sunsets were taken with my Nikon coolpix before I bought my badass Canon Rebel XT.
I've been taking photos since I got my first camera at about 10 years old. It is truly my first love (and last).
I learned by reading books, Time-Life series, taking little classes and studying others work.
Best to you, Teri