Thursday, February 7

Sitting Duck

In this instance, it was a parked car of my friends. It was parked on the main strip in Jaco and sometime after 2am, it was side-swiped by another car. Yes, drunk driver, yes, hit and run. The owner of the parked car was awake and alert and got the license plate number of car basher so it's just a matter of time before the whole matter goes before a judge.
Jaco, if you are going to drink (and get drunk), TAKE A fricking TAXI!!
Stupid is as stupid does.


Jen said...

Just yesterday we saw not one but three multiple car wrecks. Of them, two involoved more than 4 cars. To Teri's comment on drinking and taking a taxi I add when driving, DRIVE put your freaking cell phone away!!!!!!!!!

Gidget said...

Amen to that....... Why get so damn drunk anyway???

Bryan said...

The Costa Rica HQ blog just did a post today about transportation in Costa Rica. He pretty much said that he doesn't even have a car because the drivers and the roads are so bad, it's not worth it. Seeing your post now, I think I agree!