Tuesday, February 12

The dog, the cat, and the rat

This is a video of one of a homeless man in Santa Barbara and his pets. They are a family. The man who owns them rigged a harness up for his cat so she wouldn't have to walk so much (like the dog and himself). At some juncture the rat came along and as no one wanted to eat anyone else, the rat started riding with the cat and often, on the cat! The Mayor of Santa Barbara reportedly filmed this clip and sent it out as a Christmas card.
Thanks for sending me this Tex.


Katrina said...

Just so georgeous! Us animal lovers get a ping around our hearts! I have a Birman tomcat I love to bits - and I am sure he loves me back:-))

Silvana.....Katrina's mum

trish said...

I love rats! I've had many as pets, but I was always afraid to let them interact with the cats, for obvious reasons. One thing I wonder - Does the cat clutch with her claws when riding on the dog's back? I know my cats tend to do that when they ride around on my shoulders. Owch.

Janet Butler said...

Wow, that video is amazing! I just discovered your blog and think it's fascinating. I have been looking at sites about Costa Rica since I found out about it on Costa Rica HQ. Yours is the first one by a woman. Way to go! I hope to get there sometime.

the frogster said...

Who says we can't all just get along?