Thursday, February 28

Manuel Antonio National Park

Protect the monkeys.

Last week when I was there, I ran all over looking for monkeys. Hardly any.
Today, the white faced monkeys were everywhere around the picnic tables area. They were looking for food. I saw one monkey make a clean swift sweep across a table and swipe one guy's cup of something. It was amazing, like a blur the monkey moved so fast and was up the tree again inspecting his find.

You're not suppose to feed the monkeys. They are kind of pitiful looking in their search for anything edible.
I could stay all day watching the monkeys. There were Howler monkeys, too.
I love, LOVE, LOVE monkeys.
Click here for more photos from Manuel Antonio National Park.

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Markitos said...

Monkeys rock. I have a great story of Captain Morgans and cheetos. I'll let you hear it when I make it down. M. :>

Anonymous said...

First, the sloths smile at you.
Then the howlers stick their tongues out at you.
And now the capuchins are reading.
Maybe if more people up north were similarly interested in the nutritional value of the foods they eat, we wouldn't have an obesity problem.
I love Costa Rica!

katemeri said...

Your photos are AWESOME!

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for the comments.
I should have used my tripod. I had to delete many because I didn't. Next time.....
I camp for the day with the monkeys!

Blog Bloke said...

Monkey see, monkey do. I'm talking about myself of course :-)

They certainly are cute, except when they bite of course. But then again I guess that goes for just about any animal, humans included.

Thanks for the pics Teri. Love them.

P.s.: What camera do you use? Electronic or old school?

TICA MACHA said...

Hay Bloke!
I just love my digital Canon Rebel XT. I have old school cameras but they are collecting dust.
Digital is where it's at!!
Photos taken with my telephoto lens (100-400). I got a broke neck trying to shoot up in the trees but, it's worth it for some good shots.

Blog Bloke said...

Nice, but out of my price range, The telephoto is probably worth more than I can spend on the camera. Bummer!

TICA MACHA said...

Yep, the only thing separating professional photographers from the amateurs is the cost of their equipment and the knowledge of how to use it. When I have more tied up in my camera equipment than my car, I will DEFINITELY be a PROFESSIONAL! I'm on my way...

trish said...

I agree about wanting to spend all day watching the monkeys. When my family was in CR I would practically break my neck looking for hours up at the Howler Monkeys in the trees. I thought it was strange that other tourists seemed to only stop for a minute or two, make a comment, and then move on. It took my screaming children literally pulling me away to get me to leave!

Nice photos, by the way!