Friday, February 29

"A New Earth"

O.K. Everyone. I blogged about this before but the time has come and it is NOW. Here's your big chance for a new awakening. Oprah has been promoting her on-line class for the book "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle and the on-line class starts on Monday night. It's free. You can go to Oprah's site ( now to register. It's a little involved. First you need to sign-in to for a membership, and then register for class, then download a special program they give you so you can participate in the class. Of course, you need to read the book. I downloaded the book from the internet since I can't buy it here.
It was easy ($14.00). The on-line class is every Monday for 10 weeks. C'mon, commit!
Anything worth having involves a little effort. The class is free and who knows, maybe you will be enlightened to a new way of being!! Hope you join me.
It's going to be AWESOME!!
Pura Vida and see you there, Teri

Watch for Oprah's "BIG GIVE" (on ABC) on SUNDAY night!! Previews on today's Oprah show.
I want a t-shirt that says "I love Oprah, ask me why". I've learned so much from her shows.
Now she's one you can say - "You've come a long way baby!!"


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