Friday, February 1

Ya HOO!!

Today is Mr. Softy's (Microsoft) second attempt (unsolicited proposal at $31. a share) to acquire Yahoo. Microsoft has been trumped by Google and is scrambling to get back on top with it's proposed acquisition of Yahoo. For all those that woke up this morning holding Yahoo shares (YHOO), it's a good day with Yahoo soaring up over $11. a share in before market trading hours. YHOO leveled out around $28, plus. I hope Yahoo holds out for $35.00 a share.

This has nothing to do with Costa Rica except for the fact that all us foreigners here use the Internet as our link to "back home" and the well, the world of endless cyberspace. Without the internet, I couldn't live here. I would feel disconnected. I use it for just about everything, especially as a resource tool. I just felt this proposed acquisition by Microsoft was blog worthy because THIS TIME, it will probably happen.

And then there was Google. That is an amazing $85/share IPO story.
(2004 GOOG story here - if you read it, keep in mind GOOG recently traded up over $747 a share)
GOOG chart


the frogster said...

When I was trading, we called Microsoft "Softy." Back then (the dot com bubble/burst), trading stocks like Yahoo made you rich or broke in a really short time. I never traded Yahoo. The closest I got was trading "Online" (AOL).

Are you back in the options game again?

TICA MACHA said...

I wondered how to spell Softy, thanks. Nope, I'm out of playing options. That $2,500 loss with Garmin fixed me. I turned around and bought GRMN stock and watched it fall to the level I was expecting when I bought the options. Timing is everything!
My timing is WAY OFF!