Sunday, February 17

Tres Pisinas

The locals call it "Tres Pilas" and it's three waterfalls that form three pools.
We searched for hours (in the car scaling mountains) for this "hidden" spot and finally found it at almost 'darktime'. We parked the car and walked a long way through a cow pasture and a stream only to find the waterfalls were very small.
It's dry season now. It was pretty though. We made it back to the car just before it got too dark to find our way. Almost a repeat of yesterday's hiking adventure.

Note to self:
start exercising
prepare for these tours (flashlights, bugspray, flares)
go back and get better shots when it's still daytime now that I know where to find it


Markitos said...

WOW looks like a great place for a swim

TICA MACHA said...

You can't see it in this photo because it was getting dark and to get at the angle where you can see all three waterfalls, you need to cross the stream and climb up the rocks. Next trip I won't get lost. There are no signs to mark it. We asked probably 5 people for directions but not much help.
It is a great place to swim and there are three pools when the river is running and we have our rainy season. It's kinda dry now.