Monday, March 3

Alert - A New Earth is tonight

This is a world wide on-line class brought to you by Oprah
and Eckhart Tolle (along with all the sponsors).
You can download the book at
Go to for info on signing up for the class.
Please don't miss this special 10 week event starting tonight.

Postscript: About 15 minutes into the on-line broadcast, my Internet feed slowed to a stop. Good thing I recently read the book because it's message helped me to cope with this huge disappointment. Oprah will be posting this first world wide on-line event in it's entirety on her website. I hope you make the time to read the book and join in on this special 10-week event.


the frogster said...

I read "The Power of Now," and liked it. I guess you like this one too, huh?

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for stopping by Frogster!
I liked it soooo much that I am re-reading Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung. I've read so many books in this genre but I need to be reminded from time to time.
Nice to see you. Teri