Wednesday, March 26


That's Spanish (myéRkohless) for Wednesday. No, they don't capitalized the beginning letter of the days of the week, not even domingo (Sunday). Nor do they capitalized the months of the year. Just one of those things here that is different.
Miércoles sounds a lot to me like 'miracles' and surely there are those of you sitting there thinking it will be a miracle if you can get accomplished all that was planned for the week.
Speaking of miracles, before I came to Costa Rica, I was taking Rakú classes. I loved it. Now, I would like to do pottery here but have no idea where I would find/buy a kiln. Any suggestions? Rakú is really cool but I doubt I can get the clay here. You can however, extract pottery clay from the earth around the Guanacaste area (or so I've heard). Most of the pottery made in Costa Rica is from that area (so I've heard). Nearly all of the pottery sold by vendors walking the streets of Jaco is made in Nicaragua.

That's a snake coming out of the mouth on the left and a monkey's face under the chin of the other.

Before I came to CR, I was interested in making masks. My theory is everyone has a mask, different ones for different people. An illusion of what that person is or how they want to be seen.
Here are some of my masks. The "Comedy and Tragedy" masks and a self portrait mask. If I did the self portrait again, I would put the other side of the face in now. I've discovered much about life living here. Mostly about myself and of course, the little quirks to living in a foreign country.


Anonymous said...

And tomorrow is jueves, which sounds a lot like juevos to me, which means eggs. I'm not sure what to make of that, but that's how I remember the word for Thursday!:).
The masks are great. You are definitely an artist.

TICA MACHA said...

That's exactly what I am going to blog about for jueves...
how did you know? :)

When you do the days of the week, you've run out of blog material.

Anonymous said...

Wait till you get to Saturday. I get that mixed up ALL the time. Honestly, my brain keeps thinking that "sabado" (think Sabbath) should be Sunday, not Saturday!
Hey, at least you're blogging again and we know you're alive! Maybe there's an upside to having the car in the shop.

TICA MACHA said...

I always have to think twice about sabado - funny huh?
AND WHY don't they capitalize?
Why ask why... it is.

Peggy said...

The car is still in the shop? Or in the shop again?

BTW - I saw the top masks while I was visiting. They are incredible! Teri - you are SOO creative!!!

TICA MACHA said...

Yeppers!! In the shop AGAIN. This is the fourth time. Last time, he said it was dirty gas and kept my car two days. This time, I can't understand what he is telling me is wrong with it and I can't seem to get his English speaking wife on the phone. Totally frustration but HEY, PURA VIDA. The dogs miss the car probably more than me right now. I'm dreading another big repair bill like the 1st and 2nd time.
Old car but it runs good when it's running.