Thursday, March 6

Farewell CNBC

I've stated in the past that I couldn't live here if I didn't have channel CNBC for business and stock information. Well, Cable Tica has dropped that channel and I haven't started packing. I wrote to them asking what happened and here's what I got:

From Me - WHAT HAPPENED to my favorite channels???
I am still paying the same price and have less service.
Please explain. I NEED CNBC.
Pura Vida, Teri in Hermosa/Jaco

From Them - Mensaje de Ejecutiva Servicio al Cliente: (2008-03-05 15:23:54)
Dear customer:
Unfortunately we close the contract whit CNBC; they won’t transmit the signal anymore.
Really we are sorry about it.
Have a wonderful day.

The stock market is sucking big donkey d right now but I still have an investment I need to watch. To "close the contract" with my cable company (Cable Tica) would be my first reaction but I'd miss my tele too much.

Any advice, any alternate cable service here in the Jaco area? I'm open for ideas.
I sure do miss those guys at CNBC. I've watched them for YEARS. Bloomberg is no substitute.

Signed, Helpless in Hermosa


Jen in Budapest said...

I found you on Bree's page. Just thought I'd check it out. I assume you are also an American living abroad. I'm an American living in Hungary and I can relate to the random things that take place when you least expect it -- like your favorite or atleast frequented store suddenly disappearing and wondering where it went or the fact you can't find baking soda when it's usually so easy in the states. Yep. Well, atleast it's all in Spanish for ya! Hungarian is a real buggar!

I've been to San Jose, Costa Rica. It's a beautiful country!!!


wolfie_cr said...

I totally feel your pain, Amnet is on the same boat (that means that probably they either charged them too much and amnet/cabletica said 'no way' OR they decided not to broadcast to latin america for copyright reasons)

I get to watch it (At night) through a HUGE satellite dish that costs an arm and a leg but it will be sorely missed

and to make things even worse, Amnet doesnt have bloomberg

TICA MACHA said...

Yes, I'm an American living in Central America and the adjustment hasn't been an easy one. I can't imagine living in BUDAPEST.
Kudos to you!

Nice to see you Wolfie. I've learned to accept the things I cannot change and I didn't have to go to an AA meeting to learn that. Costa Rica has taught me VERY WELL that I am powerless when it comes to things like CNBC. I'll survive, I guess.

Gidget said...

There might be something we all can do about CNBC. I too watch this channel every day, not only is it my relaxation, it is my livlihood as I am a Commodities Advisor and I have clients that rely on me to help them and the futures of their children. I even help my Bario by advising my house helper about the current price of things such as Rice and other staples (commodities) here in Costa Rica. With this information she can adjust her tiny budget to try and feed her family of 5 people. I am calling my my Attorney here in Costa Rica today and am going to see if I have legal rights of any kind for breach of contract or fraud or misrepresentation since I pay my bill for this service which I subscribe to for this channel only.
I learned a long time ago when I cured myself of a serious illness through the faith of God we are never powerless. To say this is simply not true. This is what is wrong all over the world is that we the people can not allow corporations and their lack of ethics to control our destiny. We have to fight for the few rights we have left. If we do not we die. I choose to fight, survive and live. If we are not growing we are dying, just like the beautiful plants and animals that God gave us to enjoy, photograph and protect. Life is to be lived and enjoyed because as we know life is short. Fox owns Bloomberg. If you have around $3,500 call Dr. Dish and he can hook you up. I spoke with him and he is running a great and honest and reliable business. His name is Don Paul and his number is 837-3474. According to inside sources this is only the start of what they are goint to take away little bit by little bit. I too own a home here and would like to stay but I must be realistic about the economic future of this Country as I read daily of how tourists are being treated by the police. I have come to the conclusion that this Country may be heading for disaster just like the United States of America and what a shame it is.

TICA MACHA said...

Hey Gidget, I don't know you but I sure do like you straight away. I have let living here take away my "power" because I feel there is no recourse for what CR decides to do. I am so grateful for people like you that stand up for your rights. I guess I felt I lost mine when I moved here and I have to play by their rules which change on a whim.
Please keep in touch with me. I am interested in your life here and how you make out. Teri

Anonymous said...

Well... yesterday for the first time we had bloomberg on all day on Amnet. you are correct: really poor substitute. But cnbc was getting kinda boring with everyone talking about what might happen. they don't know and they don't want to know if it starts looking like it might get bad. they will all be out of a job... buy gold. love, little sally sunshine

TICA MACHA said...

I don't put too much attention to what they "say", I focus on what the market DOES throughout the day. They do have some highly intellegent people on there that I enjoy watching/listening. I am suffering from withdrawals not seeing Mark Hanes and all the guys. They are like family over here and I am missing them terribly. Teri

Gidget said...

Macha, I want to thank you for your honesty. If not for your total honesty of giving in I would not of done what I did around 4 a.m. I have already called in a favor from a friend and found out who exactly did this. His name is Mr. Angel Gonzalez of Repretel Holding Company. He is a mexican investor that controls 22 stations across Latin America. All this came from most likely the greed of one person. I repeat one person did this to all of Costa Rica. Not the Costa Ricans. I found out that he made fifty six million U.S. dollars in the year of 2000 alone just off advertising. He is a media baron out of Texas living in Miami, Florida. So what does he care, he has CNBC. Who in the hell with a brain cell wants to watch a company "Bloomberg" that is that was charged with sexual discrimination against women???? Sure as hell not me. I will not watch that channel. This is what happens when a small country like beautiful Costa Rica lets outsiders take globalization to the max and use these beautiful people that are so dear to our hearts. The Ticos do not usually know what is going on as they are trying to do their job and put beans and rice on the table for their entire family. I bet if the Picado Cozza family here in Costa Rica could help they would. This man is responsible not them. This man is not very intelligent and obviously has no good business sense (ANGEL GONZALEZ). That is my opinion and I am entitled to it as long as I am still breathing. There needs to corporate social responsibility for the common good. I could not find him directly but I have already began my battle with him and once I go to battle I am known to lose often. Example: Guantanamo Bay Cuba, 1994 the U.S. Government said there would be no animal evacuation as in my family dogs. I called the White House and so did my Mom and I spoke with them before they cut off of phone communication. Long story short everyone that needed to take their animals with them that were ordered to leave for the emergency evac. did so. There were 4 planes for the animals before the planes for the people arrived. All animals were flown out first. I arrived at the base with the red carpet and band playing with the respect I deserved and picked up my animals from the Red Cross folks that were caring for them until my arrival. I do not hesitate to call anyone as I am just as important as a billionaire is and I always will be. Money is money. Love is what moves the world and some people still have love. Money only buys what we need. Greed always destroys. This man is going to get calls from people telling him what are you doing? Do you really need to save 10.00 U.S. dollars a month? Give me a break. We WILL get it back and we need it back. They are intelligent people on there or they would not be working there. It is a little late in the ball game to be buying gold as an investment as one needs to wait for gold to hit a ceiling and stall for a few months (say around 1100-1200 U.S.) then wait for the right opportunity to buy. That is very tricky. I am buying coffee and cattle because they are a great buy right now. The bad time miss sunshine refered to is already here. Do you not know miss sunshine that the price of food staples in Costa Rica and everywhere on the planet have risen dramatically. Where in the hell do you shop miss sunshine cause I want some of that cheap food and so does my entire bario that can barely afford a loaf of bread anymore.............. Wake up and smell the coffee folks. We are all in it together. Thanks again Macha you got me real busy and I am working my ass off to get us what we are paying for. Watch for it to come back thru the grace of GOD. He still exists and always will especially if we believe. I like you too.

Stacy said...

Shameless marketing plug: In full disclosure, I work for CNBC...but I wanted to let you all know that you can watch CNBC from anywhere as long as you have a broadband connection. We offer monthly and annual subscriptions to CNBC Plus which gives you access to the US, Europe, and Asian feeds of CNBC plus access to our video on demand. Unfortunately at this point it's not available on a MAC, but we're working on that. You can sign up at

Gidget said...

We want and deserve it on our television sets where we paid to have it. If we had fast speed we might could watch a video. Listen I can not even get U-Tube to work. I am slow dial up. I want and will get what I had back. I want to know where at CNBC do you work? You are clueless. I do not want Asia, I do not want Europe, I want the markets from the United States of America and by the way I already contacted CNBC directly. I want to know what the hell you are plugging and what the hell is shameless advertising plug? What are you talking about? You could not live in Costa Rica so go away. We are over it and I already contacted an attorney and will be happy to include all damages I suffer from this with you being the top of the class action suit. We have a signed contract with a corporation. Have heard of legal rights? I would never want to watch it on my lap top. Can you not read? We already paid and I pay per minute for internet. How much should I pay to see what I am supposed to already have? Email me please I want your full name now.

TICA MACHA said...

Gidget, NOW I love you (more than like). I ditto everything you said to Stacy. I don't want to watch on slow Internet what I paid to watch on t.v.
People like you, get things done and wrongs are made right again.
I guess I've been worn down living here and don't have much of a fight left. If I can help with getting CNBC back on the air here, please let me know what I can do.
I have heard of that man you mentioned. He was featured on CNBC.
I sure do miss OUR CNBC! Teri

Jones Family said...

Hi! Patrick and I don't have cable tv here in CR so I can't comment on that but I wanted to let you know we just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I would like to add you to our blog roll if it's ok with you?
Jodi and Patrick

Gidget said...

We are sisters and I love you too. No one can mess with our dream as I think you and I have many things in common and we both worked hard to get here. I did talk to the President of Costa Rica's Rovelle this afternoon and she is going to talk to him when he returns. As far as helping you could also go to CNBC website and go to the bottom of the page to feedback and just select compliment. Then it will easily allow you to tell Joe and Maria and the gang how much you miss them and how this is not in any way shape or form good for any economy or markets. There are lots of investors here and many people are nervous and confused. Know you are not alone and as long as you are my sister you never on your on again. You can email me anytime and when I get feeling better I will come over as you live where I want to be in the future. I am a surfer and a photographer and enjoy birds and many things as you do. We will compare pics in the near future. There is an email address you can blog about and everyone can write in English here at the office associated with fraud and bad business practice and report how poorly we have been treated. It is as follows:
This will go directly to our President since we are both residents here and we do have rights. He will read it as he speaks English as soon as you send it. I was told he checks his mail personally. I did hire an attorney friend of mine in Dallas, Texas today as he helps me with many things. Reason being this Mr. Angel Gonzalalez is a Texas resident residing in Miami, Florida. So my attorney Ken Sword is a great attorney and he has already pulled a criminal check on this man. You can email this attorney as well and tell him you are my friend and if a lawsuit arises you want in. Reach him at (that is the number ones). Then on your next blog you could state that you demand that we have what the entire country wants and that is our ability to educate ourselves and the people of this country on the economy and stress the importance of how we rely on this information to survive. Let the world see that we will get it back and soon. Then let the others know we will fight for justice always and talk about the greed this man has shown and how "Bloomberg" is not a good choice for this Catholic country as most of the people here do not like basically malo things in their homes. Here basically you are a malo or a bueno etc. It is not good that "Bloomberg" serves as a source of education because it is not and unless you want to know what time it is in Peru the children and their parents will not be educated. Costa Ricans pride themselves on bettering themselves and do everything they can to send their children to school in very clean and tidy uniforms which they pay for. This is a difficult time of the year for the average person here right after the expenses of the holidays etc. and to have to pay taxes and school supplies all in the few weeks they have to do so. You and I know they work so hard to feed their families and the men really do pride themselves on being good fathers and husbands by providing what the family needs. Most of the time they work more than one job to do so. Explain to the world how important it is to retain their culture as in Spanish T.V. etc. which I totally understand but they want to learn how the world works and they know what happens in the United States affects them directly in one way or another. They depend on this information just like we do and maybe more so. I heard corporations were having to have the expensive dishes set up so they will have extra expense which no one can afford during this economic crisis. We see it every day with the credit crunch etc. and maybe if they see the gringos without homes from abusing credit they can prevent those problems from happening here. By the way Roseo my home helper told me today everything went up at the supermarket. She said even soap and tooth paste. She looked scared and I assured her I will help her as much as I can. I love these people and this country. They do well for being thrown into the 21st century so fast. They were following the states lead and it has not really helped them. They were tricked and is is sad to me. Explain why the country needs to keep the economy afloat as in the parks etc. are already short of money and there are so many things here that simply do not exist in other parts of the planet. People come in and pollute and leave these people and then the people here have to suffer from what happens. It really is a special place and each and every one person can make a difference. There is less trash in my bario because I pick it up and now I notice others doing it as well. It all really boils down to education the children in my opinion. There is nothing more precious to me than a Ticos smile and the way they will help you with anything if one is polite. I see it all the time and it makes me feel that the world is not as ugly at it seems. It is refreshing. I hope you can blog it in your own words or use mine but you write well and I love your style with everyting you do on your blog. I quit reading many others once I found you. You are a special person in case no one told you lately. I am sending you energy and strength. By the way I am from Florida too. I loved going out on those noisy air boats around Cocoa and scouting for gators. More than you know people love your blog and you are doing an excellent job. You are real and that is hard to find these days. Keep it up please. You make my day......Soon we will hear the opening bell again I know it. I also got some other Tico attorneys checking to see if they violated clauses in the contracts etc. but we can still most likely get him because he is a North American person not a Tico and he did not do this for the common good. Rest well tonight and simply ask for what you want back exactly it is fine. I do it all the time and it is a lot and God never says yet "oh it is you again". See you soon to look at the birds and enjoy some surf. Deb

Gidget said...

Oops select feedback at the bottom and click on that and then in the gray box slide down and select compliment. The lady I mentioned is the secretary to the President. She was super understanding and she said she thought it was peligroso as well. Many people thought the same as us. We are not

Pura Vida said...

holy wow ????? gidget put the coffee down ! Step away from the mug ! Jeez.....hope it is the coffee bean and not the cocca leaf being in central america and all ! lol just chill out....are you good friends with the president of the U.S. and the Pope as well ? lol one would think you will have cnbc back on by nightfall........are all gringo ex-pat's crazy as you ? Guess i'll find out in a few years when i get down there...i'll have to find myself a far away remote area to hide LOL

Gidget said...

Hey, I am going to chill out. You are right as I am tired. I quit. But by the way I am friends with Hillary and yes I met the Pope. You are funny. I needed that. I doubt I can or anyone can have it back but at least I tried. You have to understand I needed it to do my job to feed my son. Now I am giving up. You are right I will sit back and I give up...........I am spent and by the way I probably will not be around when it if it does come back anyway. TIRED...........

Gidget said...

Pura Vida back at ya. You sure do assume a lot. Hope you are still on the planet in a couple of years when you move here. Guess you will be healthy, wealthy, and that Costa Rica will have you. Dude do you know what it requires to be a legal resident here? Hope you pass the Interpol check, got the money to pay the attorney, got the money for the increasing weekly inflation etc. etc. Chill out is easy to say and hard to do. You are obviously somewhere watching what I need while I am going to get fired soon because I can not work 24 seven and still live. Yes I have worked my entire life to get here and I have been a very busy lady. I do not use drugs so no we do not have cocoa leaves here. Actually you are not funny at all. I have a child to take care of. How many kids are you supporting? And by the time you try to come here if someone does not get real busy pura vida will not exist. There is comtamination everywhere and at the current rate on inflation you will not need to hide anywhere. All the people will already be gone. They will have starved to death by then. Do you pay rent? Do you work? Do you know anyone or have you ever traveled anywhere? And lastly is your father dieing right now like mine? Do you have cancer? Good luck pura vida. The only pura vida you may see is all the trash piled up from lack of money to carry it away and the last few starving people. What have you done for charity? Why have you not worked for any important or made any contacts? Why do you not help us? Are you one of the greedy corporate thiefs that put us in this boat? Email me my address is there for all. Then you call me crazy? I am trying to survive the best I know how. Send me some bags of money and the tools I need to do my job. Then cure my and my Daddy's cancer, and then take care of my medical bills. Get real. Yea I can really chill out. Please we have enough bringing us down and chill out is not an expression I ever liked anyway. Bust your butt and have it all taken in weeks and I will tell you to chill out and see how you like it. No I can not fight the corporate zillionaires but I try. And yes I do care about people and animals and told a true story. Jealous? Don't bother being jealous of my life and the battles I have fought and the contacts I have made because I have cancer myself right now. What help did you offer? You are obviously on drugs and have nothing to offer anyone. No encouragment, just make fun and envy. Envy me and I will be glad to give you my current situation amigo and it is not pretty. Trust me I will be glad to tell you. And you must not have any heart at all. Glad you know the future of your life. You are the only one I know that make guarantees like that. Watch out cause people like you always get a taste of what I have on my shoulders now. You are a little cocky and made me feel more helpless. No Thanks as I am currently also fighting just to live. By the way the coffee is great here and you can not have any. lol Much better than wherever you are. Are you the guy that I would like to locate that is going to take my job this week? Email me please. Want to talk to you. You will never live here as you are not smart enough or patient enough. It is not as easy as you think............But good luck trying and change your pura vida name to chill out and do not insult gringos again. We love this country and contribute to the clean up every darn day. Tell me what you have done for this country or the beautiful people here? Then blog on that amigo....................

Lloyd said...

Well I just got back from a business trip to Panama (2 weeks)and didn't know a thing about CNBC being off the air until I turned it on yesterday morning and heard the Bloomberg music coming from the TV. Later I ran into a friend who watches CNBC with me some times and he told me the station was switched to B. berg last tuesday. He was not happy as he has numerous stocks he watches and I help him with trades in the Commodities markets.

My friend told me he called all the cable companies here in CR and they all switched except one and that's Dr. Dish. Then I was told that Dr. Dish would not work as I live south of Jaco.

As a comfort I came to my friend's blog, Tica Macha and I was floored to see all the responses to this situation. Gidget, if you are reading this you need to pick up the phone.

CNBC is critical to many people all over the world, Costa Rica no exception and as a Commodities Advisor with a business here in Costa Rica, this just about kills me. CNBC not only provides critical info, it's a huge comfort.

Tica Macha and Gidget are not alone in how they are feeling, I can assure you.

Anybody blogging here that is not trying to assist these ladies really need not post any input except feelings, thoughts and actions that are positive and or helpful and no pura vida, cocoa leaves play no part here, only responsible and caring individuals wanting to get "our" channel back.

If there were more people like Tica Macha and Gidget voicing their opinions and at least trying to do something about those things that are not right, the world wouldn't be slipping down a slippery slope.

Bravo!! to Tica Macha and Gidget!!

and to those that enjoy turning to alchohol, have a couple more shooters.

Keep up the great work ladies!!


TICA MACHA said...

What can I say, I want CNBC back. I don't usually censor my blog comments except for people advertising or shameless plugs.
I do not like the direction this has taken and have debated deleting the whole damn thing.
Gidget, get your on platform to sound off (said in a nice way).
Pura Vida, there was a time I got 20 emails from you, too. Crazy? I hope not. Don't speak of things you know nothing about - come see for yourself if all the gringos here are crazy. I can tell you this, it takes a special sort of person to live here. The true grit sort.
"Be careful what you wish for" - I wanted comments but now I am considering turning it off. I am exhausted reading and all I wanted was CNBC back.

TICA MACHA said...

THANK YOU LLOYD, for your voice of reasoning. Gidget and I do feel VERY STRONGLY about CNBC being taken away, as well as many others. No warning, just gone.
I've had others say "get a Life" and I'm sure they are not traders or investors. To them I ask, if CR stopped shipment on fuel for autos would they get a bike or start walking? Guess they would have to but they would surely be limited. We are limited not having CNBC. And yes, the info is all there on the computer but nothing can replace CNBC live.
We need to work together for them to realize that this station is needed here.
Thank you Lloyd for visiting my blog and commenting. You seem to empathize with our dilemna without criticizing. I'd like to meet you one day. Teri

Pura Vida said...

my comment was directed at the length of gidgets posts. The constant rambling and yes i feel she is out of her mind. Just look at the reply's to my original post. Yes i will have no problem with interpol for im not a criminal. I will not have to work because i will have about 900,000 u.s dollars in the bank when i do leave for C.S and even at 5 percent i will live comfortably off the interest after taxes...once down there i will rent and move around the country on a monthly basis till i find where i want to settle and even then ill continue to rent. So if i change my mind i can pack up and leave pronto. Becoming a citizen isnt dificult as long as you have money in the bank. Ive read up on it all and once you apply your basically a citizen until they tell you that you are not for a certain reason. This does not happen as long as you have not lied on your application and followed the steps and are not a criminal. No matter how long it takes for the paper work to be finished. Im 39 now i estimate to be 45 when i move down there and i will never work again. Early retirement, get me a tica....they love white men with blue eyes and money. Sit back with an imperial and feist on those ass kickin salads with hearts of palm. I dont have cancer, i get my coffee delivered ups from C.S. , i don't donate to charity, and yes ive been to costa rica 4 times (3 weeks each time) ive been to quapos, jaco, and san jose. So i have much more to see. While i understand living there is completely different than visiting there....i'll treat my initial attempt of residency there as a very long 6 month to a year vacation touring the entire country scoping it out and getting a true feel for things. Even if i have to go to panama for a day or 2 and get stamped and re-enter. If i cant deal with the language being different as well as the culture i'll leave... Ive studied up on many things and i wont be an idiot who goes there buys a home finds he does not like it and then wants to leave not being able to sell off his property......nor shall i go with no fixed income and realize i cant work and support myself.. i know the laws. I can talk the talk i just need to come down in 5 years or so and walk the walk. P.s. costa rica is still very desolete for the most part on the pacific coast in many regions....C.S. is the size of north carolina with the population of miami.. not bad at all pura vida

TICA MACHA said...

Hey Bond, James Bond (aka Pura Vida) - what is C.S.? Costa Rica?
You and Gidget seem to have some things in common. Kiss, kiss and make nice or go somewhere else for your pissing contest.
Don't wait too long to move here, the laws may change and we might just run out of room.
At least you have a plan and some money. Some of us move here on pure faith and a prayer.
You've got the right idea to travel around. This country is truly diversed in climate and terrain. The wildlife is extraordinary.
Something for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Pura Vida: It sounds like your plan and my hope are about the same and I'm looking for guidance and advice from anyone - on how to make a transition to Central America: How to pick the country and region to begin with. How much it does actually cost to live there? Where one can get broadband internet reliably. And What were your biggest surprises after moving to Central America?

Yes, my wife and I are just beginning our search so we can use any help from those who have already done it. If you'd like to point me to things to read - or just give hints, please email me at