Friday, March 14

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night..."

I don't have to You-tube this for ya. (here's lyrics)
Everyone knows the Beatle's songs. They are inspirational. Which reminds me, I saw on t.v. clips from a new movie, "Across the Universe". All Beatle songs. Can't wait to see it!

It hasn't been till recently that I have "put attention" to the Zanates around my house. I was amazed with the abundance of them, I had not one photo, not one. I really considered them a pest and not "photoworthy".
Not anymore. Here's are some of my photos of the Zanates...

::::::::keep scolling, I added more photos and took off the ones I borrowed....
to the new photo on The Mating Tree.



Alison said...

Great photos of the zanates. Funny how things grown on us.

By the way, "Across the Universe" is great.

Tica Macha said...

You live in CR... where did you see it?

Anonymous said...

Love the Beatles but too bad McCartney had to turn into a jerk.