Monday, March 10

Zanate Birds

Photo - Up high in the palm tree, watching over the nest.

If you are curious about the Zanates (Great-tailed Grackle) and like little stories, check out the link below. I got curious about these birds and googled it. I also added another one of my photos to "The Mating Tree" story.

I was able to watch the WORLD WIDE webcast of Oprah's "A New Earth" with Eckhart Tolle. It was amazing. I felt a part of something really, REALLY BIG. I hope you make time for it. Seven o'clock, in Costa Rica, Monday nights for the next 8 weeks now. It's all at You can also catch up on last week. 2,000,000 people viewed it so far.

Here's the story of the Zanates
Night, night.

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