Saturday, March 29

The Nesting Palm

I was going to do T.G.I.F. for Friday's post but said screw it. Something happened yesterday that got me way off track. Besides, most people here work 5 1/2 days and 'Friday' ain't no big deal. I look forward to the open farmer's market here every Friday. Most others look forward to a Pilsen.

I was doing a little gardening when I heard this big commotion at the palm tree in my yard. The Zanates have moved in and built their nests there. Remember "The Mating Tree"? They don't go to that tree now, it's the palm tree where they hang.
I look up and there is this falcon. I haven't checked to see what kind he is, maybe you know? He looks magnificent at first until I realize what he is doing. He is picking off the baby chicks, one by one.
All the other Zanates are going crazy and buzzing around him but none of them are attacking. They were having a fit. The tree is over 35' and there was no way I could reach up there. (note to self: get a slingshot) If all of them were to attack, it would force him out but they didn't. They just squawked around him. Nothing like the sounds they typically make. It was definitely a distress call and all the birds came.

The hawk stayed in the palm over an hour, picking his way through the different nests. I know stuff like this happens, I watch Animal Planet, but it really bothered me that I could not rescue the babies and it happened right in my own back yard. I've grown quiet fond of the Zanates.

Even the little green lories showed up and watched.

Just as I was signing off, I heard this flutter of cackling outside and sure 'nuff,
Heee'S BACK. He's come for some more fine dining at the nesting palm, he's version of a T.G.I.F. restaurant. I guess that's one way to keep the population of Zanates down.


Peggy said...

Whoa. I wouldn't have liked that either.

Anonymous said...

Hard to see stuff like that even if it is natures way. Thanks for sharing.