Monday, October 8

"Rain Check?"

Until recently, I haven't bothered to mention the rain. It's partly why I even started blogging, for something to do during the long rainy season. The rain is a fact of life in Costa Rica.
I've lived places where it rained but never like it does in Costa Rica.
Here, we got (spoken in 'Bubba Gump Shrimp talk' - Forrest Gump movie)
blowing rain, pour-down rain, outta no where rain, liquid sunshine rain, refreshing sweetwater rain, all hell breaks loose rain, monsoon rain, gully washer rain, a Real toad strangler rain, endless rain, sprinkle rain, soaking rain, all damn day rain, flooding rain, river running rain, wish it would quit rain, blinding rain, raining rain, raining tadpoles rain, wash out rain, mudslide rain, flood the streets rain, no school today rain, watch the grass grow rain, bored silly rain...
We got rain!


the frogster said...

I love rain. I have been bummed because we've gotten zero rain in like a month. I am definitely intrigued by your glossary of rain types. Every post you write makes me think more and more that I have to get down there sometime.

TICA MACHA said...

I like a good rain every now and then but it's rained for days.
Check out the San Jose Weather Chica on the sidebar. RAIN.

"it feels like it's raining all over the world" from Rainy Night in Georgia. That song always comes to mind in times like these.

Rain, rain and more rain.
My pups are sad, no walk.

Jen said...

You forgot one we learned here... "Gato de pelo".

TICA MACHA said...

Does that mean "hair of the cat"?
I don't know any CR expressions, I'll have to ask.
I did leave out "raining cats and dogs". Lord knows, we don't need more of those.

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are having an upside down day as Mo calls it. Mo LOVES his upside down days... Pelo de gato (Jorge, our Spanish teacher is here): It means a lightly sprinkling of rain. Hal found a LONG list of Spanish idioms for the different types of rain. Very entertaining but we can't find it again!!!

OK, I grilled Jorge, here's what he remembers off the top of his head:
Aguacero (very heavy rain)
Lluvia torencial (heavy rain)
Mojazón (everything is wet)
Goterones (a few big drops, getting ready to really rain)
Cayeron sapos y culebras (falling frogs and snakes or raining frogs and snakes)
Están moviendo los muebles (St Peter is moving the furniture... lots of thunder)

Teri, you read my mind! I'm posting on the rain today too... I've loved it till this very moment and NOW I'm over it. Fini.

And, um, girls: check your email... xoxoxo

TICA MACHA said...

Yep, enough is enough but La Nina is around so I'm not sure how many more days we have of this.
Good beauty-sleep weather :)
Thanks for the Tico expressions for rain. I just love it new phrases!

Anonymous said...

i love your list of different rains! love your sense of humor, even in rainy season! how about raining surfers rain? it was like that when i was there last...and raining men, in january! lol