Thursday, April 5

Jaco Beach

"Before" photos were taken last Thursday. Today, it was crowded with families enjoying the beautiful beach and great weather. The weather is cooler lately. Everyone camps out for the long weekend. There are public showers and toilets nearby but they're not the greatest. With the changes and construction happening, this scene may not be here next year. A casino, hotel/condos are going up there. The trick in Costa Rica is if there is a camping park within so many meters of a hotel, then the people can not camp on the beach in front of the hotel. We'll see what develops. Costa Rica's beach are for the PUBLIC. No private beaches.

Check out one of the new signs they posted last week when they cleaned the beach.
"No camping", huh? Well, maybe just this LAST time.
............................"pave paradise, put up a parking lot"

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