Tuesday, November 27

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

"How are thy leaves so verdant"
Yea, yea, yea. Of course they're verdant, they're artifical.
Ever since I saw the big rig pull up with all the freshly chopped down (slain) Christmas trees, piled up one on top of each other, I lost my desire to have a "real" dead tree. I know, people grow them for this sort of thing, but what a wasteful tradition. Anyway, I've had an artificial tree for years, a green one. When I was young, my dad bought one of the first aluminum silver trees. One year, I'd do the whole thing in blue and white, the next year, maybe red and gold. I had fun decorating that special tree. My dad pitched it it all in the trash when I got married and he thought I wasn't coming back anymore. I was tramatized.

My first Christmas in Costa Rica, I wanted a tree. I had no idea where to find one but by some Christmas miracle, there was one at this little store and it was perfect. It was about six feet tall and came in a big four foot long box. I bought it before I realized I would be carrying it back to my place on my only mode of transportation at the time, a bicycle. Oh, what fun. I had to work hard to get that tree back to my apartment dodging potholes, cars, whatever. The photo is my first Christmas in Costa Rica when I still had Homey (my heart, the Pek-a-poo). Homey didn't make it to the next Christmas (a car hit him). Brindy (the Pit) managed to become the neighborhood puta (ho) and blessed me with the three monsters I have now. Hootie (my African Grey parrot) is not in this photo and he is no longer with me. I like to think Hootie is flying high with the Lapas (Red Scarlet Macaws).

I was sort of dreading dragging out all Christmas decor and tree. Once I got someone to get it out from the box underneath the t.v., it all started coming back to me. Looking through the old decorations and remembering Christmas' past. My first Christmas in Costa Rica was a special one. This year, five years later, it still feels special. Special in the way that it may never come again like it is right now. Somedays, I long to be back home where people talk like me and my family is near.

This year, I don't fuss with the lights. If they don't work, they're trash. No switching out bulbs until I'm totally stressed. Especially since one cord "bit" me with an electrical shock. This year, I will adorn my "verdant" tree with all colored lights and gold and white for everything else. Mostly, angels, balls, bows and garland. I will appreciate my efforts every night I adore my tree in all it's splendor and sparkle. That is, if/when I get it decorated. I belabor the whole ordeal.

I will remember my family and friends and what it has taken to spend my fifth Christmas here. I will think of my sisters, decorating their trees and wish I was home for Christmas. Better yet, My Christmas Wish is that they were HERE for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

My father bought one of those aluminum trees too, when I was about 10. God was it ugly. Us kids (all 9 of us) whined about it year after year until he went a bought a green one. Come to think of it, we probably whined not because it was silver (when everyone knows a real Christmas tree is GREEN) but because its boughs were too narrow to house many presents underneath.
Put on some Christmas carols and get to decorating that tree, and remember there's no place like home...wherever that may be.

TICA MACHA said...

Holy Cow, NINE kids! Poor daddy.
I thought the silver sparkled and was beautiful. My dad bought me gifts like we were a family of 10. I'd put the little tree up high on top of a table so there was plenty room for all my presents.

I got all the branches on my tree strung with lights and at the very top, the lights worked and then they didn't. I'm off to do the doctor run again in SJ and will pick up the stuff I need to finish it.
I rode by your place yesterday with the dogs and it looks like you have company.

BreeWee said...

Happy Holidays Tica!

Raghav said...

Happy holidays!

Blog Bloke said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I don't know how you do it and you have my utmost respect. You're a courageous gal and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

TICA MACHA (aka Teri) said...

One thing I've decided....
I'm tired on doing it alone.
Thank you God, and Bloke and Sally for helping me set up my blog. It has really helped me not to feel alone all the time.
Bless you, all my supporters.
Love, Teri