Tuesday, February 27

Posted Reminder

If you have a post office box at the regular post office in Costa Rica, you should be aware that if you do not pay by March, you will lose your box. If you pay after January, there is a 50% late fee. The rental for a p.o. box in Jaco is 1,800 colones per YEAR. That's about $3. I tried to pay in December and they wouldn't accept payment until January 2007. I missed paying in Jan. so I had to pay the 50% penalty, wooooo!
Also, property taxes are due in March. You can pay quarterly, if you prefer. My property taxes were about 1/10th of what I paid in Naples, FL. Hoo-ray!!
I just love living here.
p.s. one of my pet projects is taking photos of misspelled signs.

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