Wednesday, July 16

Black Hole in my House

It was sometime ago, back in September 2007, I got paranoid and hid my passport upstairs in my house. I hid it so well, when I went to find it, I couldn't remember which hiding spot I put it in. I've been on a search since last year and finally gave it up and went to the Embassy in San Jose (Pavas) to get a new one.

My first trip last week, I got to the front gate at the Embassy at 11:45 and was turned away because they closed the passport office at 11:30. This week, I returned and to my surprise, everything has changed at the passport office. You take a number now and are expedited through the entire process. So efficient, I was shocked to have such a pleasant experience. They did question how I lost my passport when they read that on my application I have "looked till I'm crazy". You can have your pp photo taken outside the office and also, you can arrange with DHL Carrier to deliver your passport to you when it is ready in 10 working days (fee $2.50). NOW, THAT'S SERVICE. I was already dreading returning AGAIN to pick-up my passport but no need now. With super gas over $5. a gallon, that's about a $40 round trip plus the dangers of traveling the mountain when it rains every afternoon and you travel through the clouds (fog) and can't see two inches in front of you.

This is posted as a public service to let all those here in Costa Rica know that if you have to go to the Embassy, it's much better now and almost a pleasure!!
I would have posted photos but my camera has crapped out and keeps giving me ERR99 message. It's in the shop now in San Jose.

When I do get my new passport, you can believe I will not be losing it again. Since I have my residency card, I haven't need to show my passport. That's how I've gotten by without having it for all this time.
Pura Macha Loca Trucos! (Pure Crazy Blond tricks)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great service, better than here in the USA:)

Anonymous said...

You know when you get your new passport, you'll be able to go upstairs to hide it and go straight to where the old one is.

Life is strange like that.

Anonymous said...

I can just see the red flags being hoisted when they read the "...I'm crazy" part.
OK so when you get it and find the perfect "safe" place for it, e-mail the location to me and I will keep it safe and secret for you! Of course, that will only work if you're not inspired to relocate it...

TICA MACHA said...

You're such a good friend, Beth. I was embarassed to share my story about hiding my passport but maybe my story will help others. Especially those that dread going to the Embassy. I was REALLY impressed and you know, it WAS a PLEASURE. I am so happy we have them here to help us!! They just need to include their hours for passports on their website.
If I ever do find my old passport, I will punch holes through it so no one can use it.
The stolen passport business is BIG business here. That's why I had gotten paranoid, I didn't want someone taking my i.d.
Once I hid my diamond ring in a blue pill bottle stuffed with cotton. I was on a cleaning binge on day and absentmindedly, tossed it in the trash. It was a couple of weeks later that it hit me, that blue pill bottle was where I put my diamond. Oh well, I never wore it and only missed it when I knew I had thrown it away.
Macha Loca trucos,
Pura Vida

Anonymous said...

Those of us living in the USA are spoiled. We upset so easily if there's a line or computer breakdown at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or when someone cuts in front of us on the road, or when gas hits $4/gallon.
Costa Rica teaches patience and gratitude for the little things most of us take for granted.

wolfie_cr said...

I am not sure how long I would be depressed/full blown drinking alcoholic style if I was to lose my passport

It shows my entire adult life through all the it would of course help next year when I have to renew my US visa. I have two out of my 4 mom has one with a picture so horrible that I might destroy it if I can.....and there is one that I lost at some point but I only used it for 2 trips.

I am lucky that I have not lost many important things ever......we drunks have some sort of luck that I can't describe.......but it really works out to our advantage when the 'automatic pilot' kicks in and we start looking for 'HOME' like ET does in the movie

TICA MACHA said...

One good thing about looking for my passport, I found three $100 dollar bills I had hid away and forgot. Lucky me, I guess.
I had no stamps in my pp. I had gotten a new one right before I got my residency stamp so for me, it was just a blank book with my photo. Not much to get drunk over having lost it. I feel certain it will turn up on day and it will make me smile to see it again.