Tuesday, July 8

Trapped Turtle

I'm sure this turtle is wondering how he ever got on the wrong side of the fence with four big noses barreling down on him. I heard a ruckus and went to investigate what the dogs had now. It was a little box turtle and the first I've seen around here. I snagged the little critter and brought him inside to investigate. In my past, I have had a pet box turtle that wandered onto my fenced property in Naples. I kept him for awhile until she took off with another Romeo turtle. See this past post written one year ago, "Wild Sex in the City". It wasn't a happy ending as most stories go with captured animals.

I leashed up Max and we headed down to the river to release the little one back into his natural environment. It never ceases to amaze me what wanders past my fence. The dogs always let me know.
Here's Max waiting patiently for me to get my photos and finally release the turtle in a good secluded spot in the bushes.

Back to the subject of development in Jaco, does anyone care about the environmental dangers? Where will the leatherback turtles go if a boardwalk is built? Or a marina? What will happen to the surf? You know, the turtles return every year to lay their eggs in the same spot AND so do their offspring.
I am all for preserving Costa Rica as the 'Rich Coast'. Rich in nature and beauty.

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