Thursday, July 17


I saw this on Fox news and wrote to Kem McNair to ask him if I could post his EXTREME photo of a Spinner shark jumping up near two surfers at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. He said sure, so here it is. You can see the whole thing at
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! While you are at his site, check out his incredible artwork.
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Kem McNair at
Thanks again Kem and do come to Playa Hermosa and check out our surf.


Tom said...

When the surfing is good here on our island, the bait fish are plentiful as well. The wind pushes them towards shore I guess.

I have seen Bull sharks 8' long in water 3' deep plowing through the baitfish and oblivious swimmers and surfers totally unaware. People get nipped when the water is too murky and the sharks get confused. That's a great picture of the jumping shark.

TICA MACHA said...

Tom, where is your island?
Down around Keewayden Island off from Naples, FL, pilots told me they saw nurse sharks from the air all the time around swimmers. We never knew!

barry said...

Good Morning.Teri. Thats a great pic.. and thanks for his website.. he really has a gift.. but the best part,, looks like he got to Do it His Way... Doesnt get better than that..

Alison said...

What horror! Great shot though.