Monday, July 7

What makes me Click

If you've been around my blog awhile, you've probably seen this photo. It's one of my favorites because it depicts a lifestyle in Costa Rica that is fading fast. I get excited when I see a photo op like this. Time stands still. I don't breathe when I release the shutter. I can read way more into the photo than what is actually there because I see through it to the time it represents.

This particular property in Hermosa, I am told, has been sold. No doubt to developers. All of you know who read my blog, I am all for progress but do we really want our beautiful beaches to become another Cancun or as some say, "Jacopulco"? I think not. A boardwalk in Jaco? C'mon!

I spend my time taking photos of things that are disappearing. Buildings vanishing into thin air with the help of bulldozers. Just today, I walked by the old Villas Hermosa, GONE. Nothing but a vacant beachfront lot now. They had a pool in the shape of a whale. It was a cool place in it's day and soon, I'm sure, there will be a major building in it's place. Luckily, we have strict building codes in Hermosa. Nothing can be built over three stories but by the time they put a floors worth of fill dirt, it might as well be four stories or even five with the roof deck.

It's my personal mission to preserve the old Jaco/Hermosa in photos. Lately, the change has been so rapid, I can barely keep up with it. Most of the photos would be of no interest to my readers. Just old buildings and such but to me, they represent that part of me who clicks.

Thank you to my loyal readers who keep checking back, even when I take a break.
I wouldn't blog without you.


Saratica said...

This lifestyle will be back... only it will be the gringo developers living in the shacks.

Ok, that was mean and I haven't even had my coffee yet! Pura vida.

Peggy said...

I love those pictures!

TICA MACHA said...

Sally, when the market is a bust, the developers will just go back to where they came from, probably Florida.

Peggy, recognize that shot?

PhotoArtWorks said...

I LOVE these images! Click, click and click some more! Capture it before it is all gone....record history.