Wednesday, July 9


This highrise appears to be leaning. The upper balconies are larger than the lower ones and that creates this illusion. If you haven't been to Jaco beach in awhile, you are in for a real shocker. The old Central Disco is going, going, gone! That is a BIG property (to the left in photo) that will be developed.

Who would have thought they would not have enforced the building height restrictions.
OH, was that a little earthquake tremor I felt?? Just fooling.

Just while I've been doing this post I have heard toucans crying out to each other. It's a weary call but beautiful. I went out to see and counted three of them moving from the tops of one tree to another. Toucans look like they fly with so much effort. It must be that big beak and their short wings! The red scarlet macaws just flew pass squawking like all get outs (sorry about southern expression). I listen to the birds "talking". It can be a warning for some bad weather coming...

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