Sunday, April 15

Church on Sunday

Do you know where this church is and it's name?
Photo taken in 2003
Photo taken in 2006


Anonymous said...

Tain't Ohio, USA.
Next guess?

TICA MACHA said...

Hey girl-how's your weather up there? "Nor-Easter"? (I thought it had to do with Easter:)
It's been nice here.
I know this church is by Hypermas near Escarzu but that's about it.

Saratica said...

Hola chica - this is by Hipermas in Heredia, right across the side street. It look empty to me and I heard somewhere that they were going to renovate it... the boys used to go to Sta Cecelia school right across the street... gorgeous church. But of course no sign...

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Saratica. I KNEW you would know. I haven't gotten to go shopping there since this photo was taken. That's one good way to save money here on the coast...just don't go to town shopping!
I'm amazed how much I really DON'T need. Surely, less is more here.