Wednesday, April 4


The Cavalry has arrived in Jaco. I circled around Jaco today and no, I didn't see any policemen on horseback (good idea, though) but they were VERY PRESENT. I, for one, am happy to see re-enforcements arrive.
Just their presence makes me feel safer.

They bring in this one mobile unit (photo) for different occasions and set it up at different locations. This Semana Santa, they are in the heart of Jaco strip. The "Downtown" part. Usually, they set up near the "red zone", north of town, but the bars will be closed tonight at midnight. I didn't see the Paddie wagon they bring. The last "sting", they hid it out of town until they made their "sweep". I just hear all this stuff, I don't do the bar scene here in Hookerville. I DO KNOW, YOU don't want to go in the Paddie wagon! That would mean a trip to Puntarenas Prison. Scary.

Isn't the little Keystone Cop car CUTE!!
One day I'll share my story of how "The Force" inside the "808" cop car (a police car just like in photo) probably saved my life. Some people criticize the police as all being corrupt but personally, I love the boys in blue. They are my heroes.

Thunder rolls outside and I've already had two mini-outages (I have battery back-up). I don't like the surges. I think "the rains" are coming. When it rains, it pours in my windows. Off to batton down the hatches.


Bob said...

Good to see the "Community Service" vehicle in your town. As in a lot of places. the "squeaky wheel" gets the grease. You gotta keep the pressure on the authorities to make them responsive to the troubles in your place. The more publicity certain criminal activity generates, the hotter it gets for the bad guys, and soon the general population (good guys) prevail.
I always try to believe that the good will overcome the evil in life, .......comes with being in my line of work, I guess! The local "gendarmes" in the trailer probably would be happy to get a cold drink of soda) too!! :)

TICA MACHA said...

Fortunately, this mobile unit ALWAYS comes when we have events. But yes, there is more concern about safety on the street, probably because tourism has fallen off for the last couple of years.
Trust me, they don't have the man-power to handle all the break-ins AND town. Check out the cop car, not exactly a high-speed chase car. It's sad, they have to buy their own flashlights and holsters, etc. I know because I had a police live in my home for my safety a couple of years ago.

My plan is to make cookies for everyone. I love doing stuff like that. They are always sooo surprised (smiles translate easy).

Anonymous said...

Me gusta la policia en Jaco! And I love your kookie-karma theory...treat our neighbors like we want to be treated (golden rule, eh?). U taught me to bring a cold one (Coke) to the guards at the grocery on the Jaco-hot-as-hell days...

Gosh, I'm SO sorry you have t-storms. Up here, it was 82 degrees farenheit yesterday. Today it made it to 40f. Tomorrow it drops to 20f. I can't wait to winter in CR. I don't know whether to put on my bikini or my parka.

TICA MACHA said...

Today I saw Dan at Sunrise giving Cokes to the garbage pick-up guys. You know DAn.
It just takes a little effort to promote goodwill towards your fellowman.
The storm never made it. Just a little sprinkle. I'm glad because there are a lot of campers here now for the big holiday. A little sprinkle just makes everything "fresh"!

Blog Bloke said...

"I don't know whether to put on my bikini or my parka."

Speaking from a male point of view, I'll choose bikinis every time ;-)