Tuesday, April 3

One Dry Winter

Some of you that live here will recognize this as the gator pond near the stilt houses in Hermosa. Next to "the tree" where everyone surfs. This photo was taken at the beginning of March when the spoonbills were feeding in the pond. I bought a book on Costa Rica birds but gave it away to a guide so I really don't know what kind of birds these are but they were there and happily feeding.
Now, it's so dry the ground is cracking. Similar to my yard except I have brown grass. We had a quick rainstorm last night (out of the blue) so maybe the birds will be back. A few Ticos have told me that the little rains will come right after Semana Santa. I can't wait! I spend hours daily, dragging the hose around my yard watering and trying to keep my plants alive lately.

I haven't seen the residing gator for awhile. Wonder where he goes off to when it's so dry? He's really a crocodile. Not many gators here.
I found this photo from Dec. 2006 of "the croc" that usually lives at the pond. He just lies around with his mouth open, waiting for a bite to eat. He's been there a few years so I hope he will be back soon.

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Anonymous said...

So the croc is missing from the gator pond?
To add to the story...supposedly the croc, when it was a baby, lived behind the homes to the south. To the back of the houses is a wetland that's only wet during rainy season. During dry season, well it's dry, duh! So the tico trabajadores there (Luiz and/or Israel), in the dry season seeing a dying baby croc with dwindling water, moved him/her by hand to the "gator pond" and there it's been ever since. I hope he/she's still there, let us know if you have a sighting.

And to expand...the ticos generally seem to kinda take life and death in stride (pura vida), yet my workers often go out of their way to help stray animals...crocs, dogs cats & kittens and other wildlife. In juxtaposition to your recent postings, I hope this is the true heart of the average Tico. And that the perpetrators of the horrible violence are not Tico. Not that it matters in the end when you're beaten up in CR, but I'd like to continue to believe the average Costarican is good.

Thanks, girl. Gringa Beth.

TICA MACHA said...

I'll keep an eye out as I do for that whole strip of road and let you know if I spy the poor croc.

I want to believe in human nature too! About the good in everyone, everywhere.
Guess it's just one more wake-up call and a reminder of the times we are living in, anywhere.