Wednesday, April 25

DOW HITS 13,000

It hit right after the opening bell but fell back under 13,000 shortly after. It was just over six months ago that I reported it passing the 12,000 marker.
Yesterday was the day I pulled the trigger and finally jumped back into the market after sitting on my hands for the first part of the year. I am heavy in defense stocks now. It makes me feel safe.
I'm still waiting for Boeing (BA) to pull back but it seems it's on a tear right now with all their new orders.
I really have some catching up to do on my blogging but right now, I'm on my way to the vet to get antibiotics for Macha. Yes, they had another fight the other day. Three against one. What is wrong with my dogs? They seem all happy and then something triggers a blood battle. At least Mela licks the wounds she inflicts on Macha. Wish they would all just make nice all the time.

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