Tuesday, April 17

Cooking for Love

Some may think this is extreme but when you don't have a family to cook for, you can always cook for your friends and YOUR DOGS, I do. Lately, I've been on a banana pudding cooking spree, I ran out of brownie mix. Costa Ricans make banana pudding (budin de banano) but you can't buy it in the sodas (restaurants). Around Eastertime, I had a real urge for some down-home cooking. We had a pot-luck dinner and I made my mom's banana pudding. It was a hit and surprisingly, one girl from Canada had never heard of it before. You know the dish, layers of vanilla wafers, bananas, wafers, bananas, wafers and then pour hot pudding over it and refrigerate.
Umm, um good! "Tas-tes" like home. (My sister's, Sulie, southern expression).

As you know, I have a problem with my "family" of dogs. They are all from the same litter and I have the mother pit-bull/chow that still tries to rule them with an iron jaw. In order to establish MY position as THE "ULTIMA" ALPA DOG, I decided to make them a real treat. I've had a recipe for dog bisquits for a year or more and finally remembered to buy the liver it calls for when I was at the grocery the other day. I whipped it up, baked it in the oven and realized, I didn't need a timer to tell me it was done. I had all four dogs sitting (jumping) around the oven waiting for their treat. NEVER have I seen them so excited! I cut it into bite size pieces and they literally wolf it down. I'm sure they taste it with their nose because they engulf the treats.

So, you want to be a hit with your dog buddies, try this:
1/2 lb liver (raw)
2 eggs
1 cup flour
1 cup oatmeal
Blend liver and eggs in blender. Add meat mixture to the dry mix in a bowl.
Mix well and turn into greased baking pan. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes
or until the dogs tell you it's ready. It should be brown.
Cut into bite-size pieces.
You can substitute 1 cup of cooked rice and reduce the amount of flour and oatmeal
by half. Have fun with it. I store the "love bisquits" in the frig.
I'm sure cats would love it too!
Do Not expect them to go back to eating store bought dog bisquits. My dogs drop those on the floor and wait for me to bring out the good stuff.

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