Wednesday, April 4

Dr. Jose Manuel - The Jaco Vet

That's Jose Manuel Jimenez Mora on the left and his assistant for many years, Pablo, on the right. I've been taking my dogs to Jose Manuel since my first days living here. He's seen Brindy through all her accidental pregnancies and has even come out to my house to vaccinate a few different litters because they were just too much for me to take to him. He is special. I remember when he had his clinic in a barn on the main street of Jaco. He has now moved to a nicer facility and has expanded his services and products. He is an exceptional all-around vet, treating horses, cows, you name it.

The dog fight incident yesterday probably would have cost me a couple of hundred dollars in the States (Naple$, FL). Jose Manuel charged me $10. (c5,000 colones). Today, he didn't want to charge me for Macha getting more injections for infection/pain. I didn't want to offend him by demanding he take money so, Macha and I went to the bakery and brought back some real sweet treats for him and his assistants.
I am so grateful he is here.
Old location on the left,
new clinic on the right.

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