Sunday, April 1

Church on Sunday

This is the Catholic Church in Jaco. Most of the time, it is so crowded that people spill outside the door. Today, being Palm Sunday, they had a full house. As everyone was leaving, they each carried a palm frond wrapped around a candle. This week of Semana Santa is taken very seriously by most Costa Ricans. Most businesses are closed and no alcohol is sold after midnight on Wednesday. It is a time for family and a time for prayer. They often go door to door praying in front of each other's homes. I don't see it much here but in most towns, people set up a prayer spot outside of their home with a replica of Jesus on the cross and a candle burning. A most spiritual time. One in which the traditional Costa Ricans do not watch t.v., drive a car, drink alcohol, eat red meat or do practically anything except worship with family and friends. Of course, tradition has pretty much gone by the wayside with modern Tico families and they head for the beach.

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