Sunday, April 29

Church on Sunday

The other week, my girlfriend and I returned to San Jose to get our driver's license. When we arrived, their system was down AGAIN so we drove around waiting for time to pass and the power to come back on. We spent over an hour driving in circles due to all the one-way signs (and we're blondes, AND I was driving).
We passed by this church a couple of times and I jumped out and got a photo. (Notice the house beside the church) I'm not sure where we were, just in the San Jose area. Word of advice, if the power goes out in San Jose, DON'T try and drive around when the traffic lights are off. It is a total mess! Horns blowing, people driving like they are crazed. We stayed lost on the backroads so it wasn't such a problem. The unmarked one-way streets were though. (click onto photo to enlarge)

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