Thursday, August 9

Google Earth

I just downloaded this and it's amazing.
It's pretty easy to get around but what I need to
know is HOW DO YOU POST PHOTOS? onto a location.

Anyone out there can help lead the way and tell me how?
I've set up an account but can't find how to download photos.
I asked Mr. Google and got a ton of answers.
Which is the easiest way for a non-techy kind of person like me?
Do you need a GPS?

Thank YOU WolfieCR for showing me the way.

My good buddy, pal, friend Beth is bringing me "the Hubble" telephoto lens for my camera. I should have some excellent shots to post there! It's the lens of my dreams - 100-400 mm. I can't WAIT!!


WolfieCR said...

you mean so that other people that uses google earth can your pics of jaco when they zoom in the area?

TICA MACHA said...


WolfieCR said...

Open an account in and upload your pictures

after you upload them you can map them and I "think" thats all there is too it, then again I have never tried it

you dont need the coordinates if its near jaco etc because the software knows locations of many common places, you can get the coordinates from google earth if you can locate them in the map that is, you just read them out from the software itself

TICA MACHA said...

Wolfie, Thank you so much, I'll try that! A friend is bringing me a REALLY nice telephoto lens and I hope I have some KILLER shots in the near future to post!!