Saturday, August 18

Weekend Wrap-up

This has been a week worth noting. In order....
A church group from Santa Barbara, California visited our school and worked miracles in just two days. There were 44 kids on a mission (and adults), traveling throughout Costa Rica and leaving a better trail behind them. They had their own tools (the saws all and cordless circular saw impressed me!) and they bought all the materials. Plus, they bought items to use in the kitchen and for the kids. They made a incredible pathway to the soccer field. Before, it was not possible to walk that way. Now it's graveled and they have a little bridge to cross over the small river. It's incredible what a group can do empowered by the Holy Spirit and God's love. They saw a need and filled it. Thank you Santa Barbara Calvary Church Youth Group. I have the photos posted here under "Help Wanted" album. If you click through all the pages in the Flickr album, you'll have to hit the back button a few times to get back here. Don't get lost.

This is typical CR. I've waited for over a year for my appointment with Immigration for my residency. The attorney called me Tuesday afternoon to BE AT HER OFFICE the next day IN SAN JOSE. Luckily, I had just gotten my clutch, starter and gasoline filter replaced on my car and I was ready to go. It only took an hour at Immigration but the two+ hours driving there and two+ hours back is murder (Calle de Muerte).
It's a done deal though. I am a resident.

Wednesday was D-Day. It was Mother's Day in Costa Rica, It was the day I became "from Costa Rica" (referring to my past post) AND.... drum roll......
I was taking dance lessons when we got the news. Everyone headed for the mountains. I had my four dogs who were freaking out every time someone would walk by the car. It was a pilgrimage up the mountain on foot for many, carrying babies, bags, dogs and I was stuck in between cars part-way up the mountain, can't turn around, with my dogs barking/fighting, windows rolled up and the a/c on so they wouldn't get the people passing next to the window, AND my car was overheating. The police finally came up the mountain and MADE everyone return (they didn't want to). I will have a better plan next time and it will not be as stressful. Pura Vida.

At school the next day, we only had eight children show up. Most of them stayed up late the night before. My only lesson for them was the correct pronunciation of "Thank You God" (not "tank chu gud"). Thank you God we had no tsunami and Thank you God for sending the youth group to help our school. They all started working on their thank you letters in English to send to the church in Santa Barbara.
So precious.

Thursday was also the day the stock market turned south in a free fall. I was glad my computer was disconnect and stored for the tsunami the night before. I didn't have to watch good companies get cut off at the knees. Friday Fed. Chairman Ben Bernake did his 50% rate cut for the banks and "saved" the banks from the market (for now). On Options Expiration Friday, it was on a tear back up in "irrational exuberance" - Former Fed Chairman Greenspan's words. I'm sure Jim Cramer is strutting like a Banty Rooster since the Fed made this move. "They know NOTHING" - Cramer.

Whirlwind tour of ten schools in the area on Friday (no watching the stock market). I went with a group to see what problems are present at each school and to collect information. I took photos and loaded them to my Flickr account. Check it out but I'm warning ya, there's MORE THAN A FEW. Check on the right hand column for "Escuela". We have 15 more schools still to go. I never knew we had all these school within a 20-25 mile radius. Some are in seriously poor condition. There are people that want to help and schools that need help. "You can't fix the problem until you acknowledge the problem" - Dr. Phil.

This week in a nut shell. I have gotten to spend some time with my friends Beth and Jack while they are visiting for the week. They brought me "the Hubble" that is still safe and sound at my house, I haven't taken it out for photos, yet.

"It's all good", my friends John and Alfie in Naple$ that never read my blog.


Blog Bloke said...

I never knew you were a teacher. And that Tsunami scare must have been horrendous. You've been through a lot lately. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

TICA MACHA said...

You missed that post. I've been there about three months or so and it has been wonderful. I am fairly shy but when I get in front of the class, the lessons just flow out. I call it Divine Intervention. Sure has saved me from getting beach living burnout.

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS on being 'from' here! What a proud day that must've been. Looking forward to the day for us...almost there. Yeah, like manana...:)

GREAT photos and info on the church group. Looking forward to seeing what the hubble can do!!!

Saratica said...

Great post! Lots of info. How wonderful that group came to your school. I'm just getting the donations fever - by all means, post my post on the what to bring page! If everyone posted this on their blogs, it's gotta help. People want to help, they just want to know how! Congrats on residency - now "tica macha" takes on new meaning!

TICA MACHA said...

Yes, it felt like my "Rite of Passage", like I was married to Costa Rica. There should have been a little ceremony for the event.

Peggy said...

Congratulations on becoming a CR resident!