Friday, August 24

"Look at the Birdie"

This photo was taken when we visited the schools to see what could be improved. The kids in Tarcoles had this bird for a pet. By now you guys know, I love photography and it's a lazy bloggers way out of writing by posting photos. Besides, it's really the reason why I blog... to share my photos.


Jen said...

Photos or words, a blog is what you make of it!!! Besides you're making contact. That's the whole purpose.

TICA MACHA said...

I think it's been a year now since I started my blog. I had no idea what I was creating but the journey as been fun and my blog has evolved. It's a nice way to share and it's something I do for myself. My mark in CR.
Can you delete a blog or are they there forever?
Where do blogs go when they putter out?
I wonder how many blogs are in the blogosphere....
It's bigger than ourselves.