Sunday, August 19


Hubble's first run - more photos here. This is the Peninsula de Nicoya, really close.

Two Toucans, too!

I was totally amazed I got lucky. I've wanted to take a photo of a toucan for years. Now I can with my new telephoto which I have been afraid to take out of the house until today (one week later). I heard the toucans calling and had to go find them. Just as I walked up, they joined each other.


Jen said...

Great photos... It looks like you and hubble will be very happy together.

Bob said...

Super pic of the birds! You can alter the exposure if you download a simple photo program from the 'net..... Bob

TICA MACHA said...

My SLR digital camera is still new to me as well. It's so smart, I just have to figure it out. I'll try adjusting the exposure with one of my programs. Thanks.

TICA MACHA said...

I made the adjustment with my computer but I have to practice more with my camera. Maybe take the instruction manual with me and my glasses so I can read it.