Thursday, August 2

"Let's Dance"

"Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues" - David Bowie

Nope, I ain't dancing the blues... for kicks and giggles I joined a dance class. We'll be learning Salsa, Merengue, and four other dances. I don't go to bars so I don't dance much. In fact, I haven't danced in many years but instead of just growing older (and stiffer), I decided it was time to spice up my life! Last night was my first class and it was a challenge to keep up with the steps. The trick to the spins is DON'T LOOK DOWN! My head was spinning after a few turns. We began with the modern Salsa and ended the class with learning Cha-Cha-Cha. It's good fun!

I am so happy that Jaco is finally getting big enough to support a business such as this. We need some fun stuff. The SalsaStar Dance Academy is owned by a lovely and talented couple, Andres and Wendy Castellanos (643-3886). Click onto their website ( Their beautiful, air-conditioned studio is located in the new Plaza Coral Mall where the Kentucky Fried Chicken is. They also have other classes like Belly Dancing, Hip-Hop, Breakdancing, etc. Go by and check it out, you'll be dancing in no time.

Have you ever heard of Matt Harding? This guy has traveled the world TWICE dancing his little simple jig. Check out HIS SITE to see how a little happy dance can really take you places. His site is called - "Where the Hell is Matt" and here's his happy dance video for Stride. Here's his first video. Wait for the commercial to end to see him dance. Makes me smile.

Come on, "Spice Up Your Life" (Spice Girls) and let's dance!

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