Monday, August 27

Jaco Boom Town

Take a look at our new and improved gasoline pumps. It's still full service and there's no slot to slide your credit card to pay for gas at the pump. It is nice though and hopefully, more accurate than before. They are also replacing the holding tanks so maybe no more water in the gasoline. Here, you buy super if you want your car to run right. I was told I could use regular gas by an American but a Costa Rican corrected me and said it was better to use super, no alcohol in the gas. I don't know. I just tell them "super, diez mil colones Por Favor."
Did you know you get less gasoline when you get gas on hot days? Something to do with gas expanding with the heat and you get less gas for your money. They don't advertise gas prices around here. It's a set amount controlled by the government. I think it's about $4.50 a gallon but it's pumped in liters and they charge in colones. Too much to calculate for me. AND No, I don't know how many kilometers I get to the liter. I never knew when it was all in gallons and miles, either. I just know when the light comes on, it's time to get gas. The stations can be far and few between here in Costa Rica so if you're on a trip, don't miss a chance to get gas if you need it. There may not be another for MILES, or rather kilometers. One day I may get it all these metrics figured out.

This is Jaco's new water truck. I see it coating the road with water come rain or shine. It's to cut back on all the dust but this is rainy season. I'm not sure why they need it now but I have lived here long enough to not question why. It just IS and that's it. I think they are proud to have it and putting it to good use regardless of the weather.

Here is Jaco's latest eye-sore. Gilligan's used to be located here but it was shut down long ago and finally torn down. Now, a five-story building is being constructed right at the main Jaco entrance downtown. The location where there should be a red traffic light but that hasn't come yet. Jaco is definitely growing too fast to handle all the cars and needed parking. If there is a city planning committee, "I can't tell." Only Mr. Patrick Hunley and his Day Star development company which states their intentions are to make Jaco a "Better Community". All this development to make Jaco "better" is highly debatable.

These are Mr. Hunley's Day Star developments. I think there are seven high rises currently under Day Star construction. Changing the skyline of Jaco Beach.
Mr. Hunley also established the Chamber of Commerce here and has done other things to improve Jaco (like help pay for the main road) and the area. I guess there's no stopping progress. Jaco Boom Town. Y'all Come. We have plenty housing now if you have plenty money.

Add on: If you click onto Chamber of Commerce, you will see what Jaco USED TO look like. It's not like that now!


Bob said...

WOW! ....the changes are fast and furious. And, I agree....maybe not all for the best in all cases. Gotta get a new camera, as mine got wet and "fried".... :(

TICA MACHA said...

Sorry to hear about your camera but it may be savageable. Once, when I lived in Hawaii, I was photographing a blow-hole and got drenched when the water shot up. I took my camera to a repair shop and they completely cleaned it and I was able to use it again. Digital cameras may be a little more complex. Sorry for your loss.