Monday, August 27

Weather Chica in San Jose

I noticed that my Ms. Weather Pixie on the left sidebar has been replaced with the Costa Rican flag. It's horrible weather right now in San Jose... rain, lightning. Maybe that's why she's not there. Her little umbrella wouldn't hold up to that. She'll be back when the weather clears.

All you will see in Costa Rica for the next few weeks are flags and the Coat of Arms (above) for the celebration of Independence Day, September the 15th. Red, white, and blue everywhere.

My first trip ever to Costa Rica was on Sept. 15th in the year 2000. It is also my birthday and what a surprise celebration I landed in. The whole country was in a fiesta state of mind.
I celebrate my independence as well as living in the country of my dreams, everyday.


the frogster said...

well, obviously, everyone was in a celebratory state because you were coming to town. if you come to our town, i promise to arrange a parade.

TICA MACHA said...

I just love humourous comments. You make me laugh Frogster.

A little story...
My first trip here in 2000, I reunited with my husband from 20 years passed. It was great, just like old times until before he left, he told me he came for "closure". He was returning to CA to be with his "soulmate".

I returned home to FL to tell everyone that no, I didn't fall in love with the ex-husband, I fell in love with the country.
And here I am seven years later.
We all won.

I'm glad Costa Rica celebrates on my birthday. That makes is Special.
Either country - I'm true, red, white and blue.
Gimme a Rebel Yell... Yee-HA!