Thursday, August 9


Jim Cramer's Meltdown rant last Friday on CNBC's "Stop Trading". "They know NOTHING" - J.C.
Watch Cramer at 6pm and 9pm on CNBC - Costa Rica time - "Mad Money".

Thanks for sending SaraTica. I enjoyed watching again and again. Will someone listen NOW?


WolfieCR said...

where were all these guys when the

a) teaser rates mortages
b) interested only mortages
c) payment plans only
d) ARMs
e) cashbacks etc

were happening?

on weekends (I admit I dont do much) we watch MANY shows from hgtv (the US version we get through a huge satellite dish)

you can tell that if the show was 2005/2006 it was all "we sold for a profit etc" or "we made 80k flipping this house"

in 2007 its all PROJECTED profit OR "we have to price to sell"

WolfieCR said...

Ticamacha , do you read this one ?

TICA MACHA said...

They taught me how to rennovate!
Wonder if a dish would work here?

WolfieCR said...

I think you can even get some of the shows online.......

It should work but the initial setup is a killer (it was like 2k because the dish is ultramegahuge, the signal is much weaker this south and therefore you need a bigger dish to get it , not like the small ones )

Don't tell me you were a flipper ? ;)

TICA MACHA said...

I don't flip stocks but I do take my gains when I can and buy the same ones again when they slump. Some I've heard since last year. Some of my stocks have been changed symbols and I bought when I first started trading (example: ID and LVLT stock symbols).

I hate to sell the dogs if I really loved it when I bought it. I always think they will come back ONE DAY.
I'm not a long-termer, usually.
I've traded CAT, HAL, BA, GRMN, VLO, etc. over and over. Love picking the tops and bottoms.

I'll have to check out

About HGTV, I keep thinking my sister or SOMEONE will video tape some programs and send it to me.
A girl can dream.