Friday, August 24

Too Good to be True

I still can't get over my good fortune the first time I used my telephoto. I've never seen a wild toucan so close. The scarlet macaws ("Lapas") pass over my house everyday. Lately, I've heard them mating in the trees down by the beach. This weekend I plan to get some surfshots and maybe the Lapas, too. Surf and weather pending. It's commencing the real rainy season now.


Silvana said...

Thank you for the wonderful articles. I need to comment on the were lucky indeed ;-)
I have recently returned from a four months stay in Costa Rica and whilst toucans were heard none evr came close enough to pose! And two for the price of one....superb!

TICA MACHA said...

These two were far up in the trees. If they hadn't flown away, I guess I'd still be there taking photos. Just amazing how they move their heads in unison. I wonder if they are like the Lapas and mate for life.
Wow, four months you know how to vacation!