Thursday, August 9

My Kids

I am so excited. Today, instead of teaching just five kids at a time,
I taught the WHOLE CLASS.
It was exhilarating! We did verbs. And how to make sentences.
We practiced "this, that and the other", too. I love that one.
Of course, we work on PRO-NUN-CI-A-TION. I'll have them "taukan" with a Southern drawl in no time :) JUST KIDDING! I can talk English.
I thought I was too shy and inadequate to teach all 22 kids but something happened. I've been at the school long enough that I know these kids and I got lost in time teaching them English. Amazing. I like that rush.


WolfieCR said...

isn't it amazing when you feel the passion of what you do ? :))

TICA MACHA said...

My passion is Photography #1, Stock market #2, and share what I've learned (helping others) #3.
and of course, blogging.
When I loose track of time and "the house could be burning down around me", I feel I'm really living. That's my rush.

Blog Bloke said...

My #1 passion is helping others. Unfortunately you can't get rich with priorities like that :)

Your teaching skills are obviously improving along with your blogging. I've noticed a big change in you, especially in your confidence level. It shows.

Keep it up girl!

TICA MACHA said...

Well Tank you Bloke!
I'm definitely more confident with the kids but still intimidated by blogging because I'm not sure what is "blog worthy".

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