Thursday, September 6

Beyond the Neon Lights

It seemed like over night, Jaco strip had neon lights after the advertising company, New Promotions, came to town. Now, we have a bigger, better billboard on top of KFC. I noticed it the other day and it was like a brick hit me in the head. I had seen the over sized Mercedes van (mini-bus) with Blue Sky advertising on it and wondered "who" is this. Obviously, someone with money. It's not poor little Jaco beachtown anymore.
When you see a Hummer in Jaco, you take note. I take photos.


Anonymous said...

Surely the end is near. Qué feo! (Is that how you say that?)

Tica Macha said...

I stand in awe how Jaco has changed in five short years. What will be next? I'm so glad I came when I did or I probably wouldn't have chosen here to live. The progress is nice in the respect that we no longer have to drive that mountain to get stuff. It's (almost) all here now... and more.