Sunday, September 9

Sunset Sunday

Photos taken a few years ago near the Esterillos area (my secret beach).


Raphael said...

Dear Tica Macha

You have a beautiful blog site. We like the sense of honestly that comes through in your posts.

We hope that you do not mind that we linked you over on ours ... ?

You have such succinct points about some issues in Costa Rica that we HAD to quote you!

You are NOT really on your own. IT might SEEM like it but in fact, we can tell you from our personal experience, NONE of us are alone, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, this life we are living, no matter WHERE we are, no matter what our circumstance.

Be happy, stay safe and
God Bless Tica Macha

Raffie, Angelo, Fanny and the REST OF US

Anonymous said...

I may be a tad late posting, but I think this is an amazing pic. Not many would see cows and visualize a photo op. It's worthy...

TICA MACHA said...

It's never too late to post a comment. I read everyone.
I'm from farm country. We grew cows and vegetables so for me to see cows on the beach was like an Epiphany.