Saturday, September 15

Pre-Celebration - Independence Day in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans love to "fiesta". They will drop everything to have a party to celebrate nearly anything. Saturday is Independence Day for Costa Rica and the party started well before then. On Friday, were all the fireworks, parades, etc. I stopped by the school where I volunteer and they were having their own little celebration outside with the big flag, a torch and everyone had a little flag to wave. They sang the National Anthem for Costa Rica with great spirit and delight. It was a pleasure to watch them and of course, take photos.

My good friend Dan and his fiance, Jaseena, had a little celebration party for me at their pool. They went to a lot of trouble preparing some great kabobs, hauling all the stuff like the grill, mixers for drinks, cake, etc. and pulled off a very special birthday "Just for Me". They had a CD with different birthday songs in English and Spanish. I heard "Happy Birthday" about a hundred different ways. It was great. I think I'll turn 52 again next year and have them repeat the same. Good fun and a good dose of how Costa Ricans party. Lots of drinking. Thanks Dan and Jaseena. My long time friend, Trish, took me out to my favorite restaurant for my birthday and it was fun. We rarely go out. On the way to the restaurant, we spotted the most perfect Latino dancing dress in the storefront window. I went in and tried it on, perfect fit and walked out with it. Yeah, it's my birthday, I'm allowed an impulse buy or two. The dress is drop dead gorgeous. I can't wait for an occasion to wear it.
It was great to hear from family and friends. Even my sisters got together and called me. One was on the phone upstairs and the other was on the phone downstairs. They haven't done that in years. My special friend, Oscar (Costa Rican), brought me a beautiful blooming orchid plant and birthday wishes. All in all, it was a great celebration for me.
Happy Birthday to me and to my beloved Costa Rica!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...looks like fun and I WISH I was there.
Happy Birthday.