Saturday, September 29

ESCAPE to ........

That's what I do when I get the chance.

Check out my photos HERE. On the Flicker photo page, you can click "View Slideshow" on the upper right side but it will not give the description. In order to know what some of the photos are about, you have to click onto "detail" on the upper bar under "Manuel Antonio" title. The frog hanging from the tree is actually being eaten by a Greenback snake, but he's hard to see. I wanted to rescue the frog but too many people were gathered around taking photos. I had to walk away.

I have to go back with the telephoto lens and find those White-faced monkeys! I did see Howler monkeys but they were far, far away. It is a great adventure walking through the park and I will BE BACK!


Blog Bloke said...

See! I can still have a vacation and not even leave my 'puter :)

Thanks for the pics.


TICA MACHA said...

I got lucky that day! I didn't see the monkeys I was looking for but it was a beautiful day with no rain! I plan to go back.
Virtual Vacations - I may be on to something! (kidding)