Sunday, September 23

My Favorite Thing

I love to take my dogs down to the beach and watch them chase crabs on the rocks. On one end of the beach is a huge rock formation and no construction (or people). The other end of the beach is speckled with hotels and houses. It is no where developed now like it will be in the future. There is a river that runs by my house to the ocean and it is always changing direction in a snaky fashion. The dogs and I love this part of our paradise. The river is only a few inches deep so my favorite thing is to take down my beach chair and camp out in the river (without the dogs) and watch the surf/surfers. The dogs are too aggressive to other dogs to let them just run free on the beach. I have to take them to the rocks where there is no one.

In the photos are the two "fighting dogs". They play well together and I've figured out that it is the beastly Max that makes them fight. It's called nervous aggression and when Max gets excited, he attacks one of them and the fight between the two sisters start. I take the girls to the beach together so they will learn to get along and have fun together. No fights for a few weeks now since the last BIG brawl.


WolfieCR said...

Nice dogs, I wish my dogs had that much space to run (perhaps my yellow lab wouldnt be so chubby, of course that it is my fault because I overindulge him with food)

And sometimes they decide to take snacks old black-lab mix who is probably 10 years old......just killed a bird that decided to land on my yard :( wahhhhhhhhh, I manage to get him/her out of his mouth and put her in a box ......but it didnt survive more than 5 minutes

TICA MACHA said...

Where I come from (Naple$), it's illegal to have a dog on the beach, period. We love our freedom here. It is tricky though with other dogs running free on the beach. I walk (2 dogs at a time) with the dogs leashed until we get to the rocks where there is so much to fascinate them, they aren't concerned about the other dogs on the beach. It's another world for them and I enjoy watching them play while I sift through all the driftwood caught in the rocks.
Thanks for the comment Wolfie.

Blog Bloke said...

I love the beach too when I can get away away from blogging. Our beaches are rugged looking just like your pics.

But my absolute favourite thing of all are sunsets. There's never two alike and they make me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Mmmm.

BTW, a fellow Costa Rican just blogged about you at :

Be a nice girl and give them a big hug :)

Miss you over at Blog Bloke and drop by when you get a chance.


TICA MACHA said...

Nice to see you visited me Bloke. How DO YOU know about that blurb about my blog? You're amazing.
I've cut way back on my computer time lately. I'll come visit you though. :)
I've been walking the dogs on the beach a lot lately and catching up on other stuff.